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 For 10 years now I have been writing stories and dialogues, playing, directing and producing performances as well as directing short movies, writing scenarios etc... And I have noticed a huge difference between theatre and Cinema : the accessiblity. I can watch a Japanese movie even if I don’t speak Japanese, my mom who doesn’t speak English, watches American tv series all the time....What about a Broadway show ? Or one of the performances that I have produced ? If you don’t speek French and come one day to a French theatre festival, you will only have one choice : go and see a French performance you won’t understand...or see a dance show.


That’s why I have created a mobile application which can subtitle any shows in the world for tourists, deafs and hard of-hearings. I want to make the performing arts accessible to anyone. This is the new revolution for theatre and performances  : theatre companies will be able to perform all over the world with one show and one team.


I’m not a computer engineer. I’m a lot of things but I don’t have this knowledge. I’m looking for a company wiling to help me make it come true. A company that will hire me to develop and sell  this mobile application (that I have also imagined on Google glass) with a team.


 I hope a company will consider my application and study my proposal and we will find a way to work together. I have imagined a world where art performances have no borders or language barriers. I hope someone will help me to make it come true.

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