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Writer - Director - Actor - Producer

Rémy is a writer, actor, director and producer who started as a comedian : REMY AVEC UN R COMME LOOSER and LOOSER EN SERIES (several national awards in French festivals). In 2005 he founded his company Le Chromosome 42 where he wrote, directed and played LEGENDAIRE (Jack Burn), L'INVENTIONNEUR (Peter), L'HISTOIRE DU CINEMA EN 1H10 PETANTE (15 characters in movie parodies). He also created and hosted a TV show Rumeurs en séries, wrote and directed a short Confession d'un Jedi (1st price at a national French TV contest) and his new play, LA THEORIE DU K.O, will be performed in July 2018 at the International Festival OFF of Avignon. Last year he joined the Drilling Company in THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR (Dr Caïus), and this year for MIDSUMMER NIGHT DREAM (Franchis Flute). He's now in production of 3 plays : BLAH BLAH BLAH, a stand  up show, and the Drilling Company is producing 2 of his plays : THE LAST ARTIST, and THE HISTORY OF CINEMA IN 1h30.



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