Remy Souchon




Make Yourself home                                   Supporting                                               Jane Bradley

The Immigrant Next Door                           Lead                                                        GT Vision Production

Rumeurs en Series                                     Lead                                                        Fondivina Production




Twelth Night                                               Sir Andrew Aughecheek                           Drilling Company

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                      Francis Flute                                            Drilling Company

The Merry Wife of Wndsor                          Dr Caius                                                   Drilling Company

L’Histoire du cinema en 1h10                      18 movie parody characters (Lead)          Le Chromosome 42


L’Inventionneur. (*)                                   Peter (Lead)                                             Le Chromosome 42

Legendaire (*)                                           Jack Burn (Lead)                                      Le Chromosome 42

Les Ex-Paires                                             Vincent  Lead)                                          Les Diable rient   




Blah-blah-blah                                          Lead                                                        Drilling Company

Looser en Series                                       Lead                                                         Le Chromosome 42

Remy avec un R Comme Looser(*)            Lead                                                         Le Chromosome 42




On Camera                                Heidi Marshall                                                           New York

                                                 Lyon 2 University                                                     Lyon (France)

Voice Over.                               Miroslav Pilon Studio (Franck Pitiot)                          Lyon (France)

Acting                                       Acting Studio ( Alexandre Astier, Joelle Sevilla.)         Lyon (France)

                                               Franck Herbet-Pain                                                  Saint-Etienne (France)




Saint-Pierre de Chandieu – Winner Young Audience Award best Stand-up Show

Villeurbanne comedy Festival – Winner Jury Award and People’s choice Award – Best Stand up Actor

Saint Chamond Comedy Festival –Winner Best Stand Up Actor

Saint-Etienne Art Burlesque Comedy Festival – Winner Best Stand up actor and special Jury Award




French (native), Improvisation, Guitar Player, Drums Player, Motorcycle Driver, Juggling, Climbing, Roller Skating, biking, horse riding, Cooking,

 (*) National Tour – France


2010 - present

2010 - present

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